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Thatched summer house in water reed
Thatched roof in Up Cerne Dorset
Thatched roof ridge
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Thatching Services - Thatching services in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire

Thatching Gallery - Gallery of thatched houses, thatch cottages, thatch barns, farm houses, out buildings, thatched summer houses, thatched garages, thatch bridges and thatch windows

Rethatch in water reed for the Up Cerne Estate, Dorset
Simple thatched barn in combed wheat reed
Thatched summer house in water reed
Rethatched house in combed wheat reed, Osmington Dorset
Rethatched house in water reed with vastly ornate ridge
Rethatched cottage in water reed, Higher Ansty Dorset
Rethatched cottage in combed wheat reed, Upton Dorset
Rethatched terraced cottage in combed wheat reed, Maiden Newton
Large thatched garage on the Up Cerne Estate, Dorset
Thatched game larder
Thatched bay window
Thatched bridge for the National Trust, Polesden Lacy
Thatching in Milton Abbas, Dorset
Thatching in Hilton, Dorset
Thatching in Fort Worth Zoo, Texas USA
Thatching in Taiwan, Asia

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